Lightship Irbensky - Плавучий маяк "Ирбенский"

This Website tells a story of lightvessel service in the waters of Russia, USSR and adjacent countries. By early XX century there were about a couple dozens of lightvessels in Russia, on their duty in the Baltic, Black, White, Azov and Caspian seas, as well as on the major lakes - Ladoga, Chudskoye, Ilmyen. From 1920х they were gradually replaced with more up to date aids to navigation. Only two lightvessels survived until present - Russian-built "Libavsky" ("Helsinki") in Finland and Finnish-built "Irbensky" in Russia.

In 2009 the only surviving lightship in Russia was decommissioned and put on auction for scrap metal. The efforts of Mayachny Foundation and other persons who care about the national maritime heritage saved the historic vessel from being scrapped. Thereafter Museum of the World Ocean took over Irbensky and arranged its transfer to the museum site in Kaliningrad and further renovation. Here you may see original drawings of Irbensky and photos of its long way from the open sea to the museum's harbour.