The Irbensky Lightship

Here you see pictures of Irbensky lightship in service at Irbensky strait, between Latvia and Estonia during 1970-1980-е, as well as during later years as an auxillary vessel moored in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Then its condition once the lightship was decommissioned and prepared to be scrapped. And finally under repair in Kronstadt and official opening of the memorial vessel to public in Kaliningrad.

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On this site you learn the story of the lightship service in the Russian waters on the Baltic, White, Caspian and Black seas from early XIX to late XX centuries. As of now, there is just one single lightship that survived in Russia, that was built in Finland in 1961. And in Finland you may visit the only sirviving lightship that was built by a Russian shipyard in St.Petersburg.

All the drawings and papers of Irbensky and other relevant documents that we find and manage to digitize will be shared here.

Should you also have anything interesting about Irbensky lightship, or more broadly - about the lightship service in Russia, Eastern Baltics, Black sea or Caspian - please let us know.

Since 16 December, 2017 Irbensky lightship has been open to public at the Kaliningrad-based World Ocean museum. This site tells the story of its long way from the military service to the renovation as the memorial vessel. Archive of past news about Irbensky is kept here as well. Our experience in rising public concern about last Russian lightship that was bound to be scrapped tells that it's the common people who help to save important historic pieces through their curiosity, care and being ready to campaign. Share your thoughts via email or in our public group. Stay with us and let the Irbensky's guiding light be with you!