Lightship service

Плавучий маяк "Ирбенский"



About the Lightship Service


Lightships in Russia

The story of using lightships as aids to navigation in the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union.


Irbensky Lightship

Short historical reference on Irbensky, lightship's parameters and features and the story of it's years in service. More details on the ship and the photos see in the the Photos and Dox section


Astrakhansky-Priyomniy (reception) Lightship

Here you learn about the lightship that fully shares it's design with Irbensky, built by the same shipyard for the Caspian sea to replace the ageing lightship moored by the end of the fairway leading to the mouth of the Volga river.


Libauski (Helsinki) Lightship

While Russia renovates the last lightship that was built in Finland, Finland has long been keeping a museum on board of the last surviving lightship that was built in Russia (within it's present-day borders). It's a curious coincidence that both of these Russian-Finnish lightships were built for the waters that now belong to Latvia. Visit Libauski lighship and learn it's story in this section.


Preserving the Memorial Lightships Across the Globe

Most of nations that once posessed a fleet of lightships now keep selected vessels of such kind as museums, as well as employ the retired lightships for other uses - from hotels to the boathouses. While collecting info for future renovation of decommissioned Irbensky lightship we visited memorial lightships in Northern Europe and learned a lot on the Web about how lightships are preserved in the United States, Great Britain, Germany and elsewhere.