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Плавучий маяк "Ирбенский"

Media Gallery

The Story of Irbenskiy lightship as reflected in the mass-media

Electronic mass-media and paper magazines greatly assisted drawing of the public concern to the destiny of the last lightship that survived in Russia and campaigned for its preservation as a memorial vessel. 


Broadcasting company TRO on the arrival of the lightship to Kaliningrad after repairs in Saint-Petersburg, July 2017


Broadcasting company Rossiya-Culture about preparations to tow the repaired lightship from Kronstadt Shipyard in St.Petersburg tо the World Ocean Museum in Kaliningrad, June 2017


Broadcasting company NTV about the transfer of Irbenskiy lightship from the navy base in Lomonosov to the Kronstadt Shipyard, across the Eastern edge of the Gulf of Finland, November 2016


Broadcasting company Rossiya, news block in Saint-Petersburg about the campaign for the preservation of the Irbenskiy lightship.



Broadcasting company Rossiya, news block in Saint-Petersburg about the Irbenskiy lightship, the only surviving vessel of such kind that is on the way to get scrapped.


Printed Articles

Article about a campaign to save Irbenskiy lightship in Lighthouse Digest, USA, 2009




Article about Russian lightships in historical magazine Citadel, Russia, 2010






Article about history of Latvian aids to navigation in military and historical magazine Baltfort, Latvia, 2013


Article about Russian lightships in yachting magazine Tarpon, Russia, 2014


Presentations of Mayachny Foundations



Report of the president of Mayachny Foundation on the 1st scientific conference on the Issues of Studying of Russian Maritime Heritage


Presentation to the report above shown at the conference


Information leaflet handed out on the said conference


Info kit for the Presidential Congress Hall (Konstantinovskiy Palace)


Web resources


World Ocean Museum - new home of Irbenskiy lightship


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