Photos and Dox

Плавучий маяк "Ирбенский"



Pictures, drawings and documents


Our Story 

How the retired lightship bound to be scrapped finally happened to join the memorial fleet of one of the best maritime museums in Russia and Europe


Photo Gallery 

See the Irbensky lightship in service, on retirement, while being abandoned and finally on repair.


How the Mayachny Foundation campaigned to save the lightship

Selection of our official letters to the public offices, government bodies and to the President of Russia that drawn the public attention and eventually saved the ship for the caring hands of the World Ocean museum based in Kaliningrad.


The papers of the vessel

Before to scrap the lightship it's papers, all principal and specific drawings included, were prepared for shredding. Thanks to the Navy officers responsible for the decommissioned lightship we were allowed to take away as much papers as we were able to carry. See it digitized and shared in this section.


Media gallery

Aired TV newsreels, interviews, printed articles, web links et cetera - everything that concerns Irbensky lightship and campaign for it's preservation.


About this Project

Meet the Mayachny Foundation, a non-profit Russian NGO that manages this site and promotes preserving the Russian maritime heritage.


So far we have shared here only a portion of a large vault of different lightship- and maritime-related information that is planned to be presented here. The site will be updated as we digitize and compile the documents, pictures and maps in posession. Stay tuned!