Photo Gallery

Плавучий маяк "Ирбенский"

Photo gallery of Irbenskiy lightship

A long way from the Navy to the Museum

Photos by ourselves


Lightship on the day of public opening, 15 Dec. 2017 vs. as it looked like in 2010-2013


Lightship at Pregolya quay by the World Ocean Museum, where other memorial vessels are exhibited. Opening of the lightship for visitors on 15 december 2017.


Irbenskiy lightship after the hull repairs in Kronstadt


Irbenskiy lightship under hull repairs at the Kronstadt Shipyard


Irbenskiy lightship and the tug are getting ready for a journey from Lomonosov harbour to Kronstadt shipyard


Decommissioned Irbenskiy lightship, 2009-2012

Aboard the abandoned vessel


On the main deck and on the mast


#607 Hydrographic Division headquaters on the lightship


Life aboard the lightship


A perfect scale model of the lightship at the Kronstadt Historic Museum


Historic photos

Lighthouses are Sanctities of Seas, 1980. A documentary shot by the Soviet Monistry of Defence. Directed by Pavlova, consultant - col. Basis.


Photos from the vessel documents (to be completed)