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Плавучий маяк "Ирбенский"

Irbenskiy Archive

All documents referenced here are in Russian only. Some factory papers may also be laid out in Finnish and/or Swedish.

Documents that shaped the lightship's fate

Протокол заседания Морской коллегии при Правительстве Российской Федерации от 20 декабря 2013 г. № 2 (24) под председательством зам. пред. Правительства РФ Д.О. Рогозина (a protocol stipulating the lightship as a piece of the maritime heritage, 2013)

Приказ об исключении из состава Балтийского флота морских судов обеспечения (включая ПМк "Ирбенский", 25 августа 2008 г. (an order to decommission the lightship and withdraw it from the shipping register, 2008)


Lightship №852 Class Factory Drawings

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1. Theoretical drawing

2. Radio station wiring

3. Bottom kit

4. Anchor

5. Propeller

6. Forecastle deck

7. Superstructure deck

8. Archapic and stems

9. Side frames

10. Forepeak

11. Main deck

12. Navigation system wiring

13. Cistern deck

14. Windage

15. Casing

16. Lantern

17. Lantern mast

Vessel Documents

Information panel indicating the purpose of all rooms on all three decks.




Location and volumes of the tanks

Ballast, freshwater, fuel, lubricants.





Instructions to the captain




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