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This web site is devoted to preserving the last lightship that still remains in Russia - the IRBENSKY lightship, as the memory of the lightvessel era.

IRBENSKY is one of the very last manned lightships built worldwide, that features all the engineering and hydrographical experience that existed by that time. She was positioned on the western border of ex-USSR. In early nineties she was transferred to St.Petersburg. Now she is stored by the Hydrographic Service in Lomonosov port (Gulf of Finland).

Lack of financing provided by the Defence Ministry to the Hydrographic Service prevents the ship from being renovated. The vessel is now being sold as the metal crap. Only marine museums, other institutions and people who care can save the ship as a unique piece of history.

We are a non-commercial fund Mayachny (Lighthouse) consisting of the former hydrography officers and those to whom the navy history is of interest.

We're open to cooperation with everyone who wishes to help saving the lightship.

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